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Liberation Wellness

Our Mission

We believe that the forces that made the body have the power to heal the body.  Wellness can happen in no other way. Therefore, our products are designed and formulated to support your body's miraculous ability to heal itself and liberate its own vitality. 

We believe that the best source of nutrients is organic whole food raised with mineral rich soil, clean water, fresh air and sunlight. We understand, however, that this ideal is not always available to every one at every time. Therefore, the choice to supplement your nutrition when diet is not enough is a health-affirming  option as long as these supplements derive from pristine natural sources.

It is our commitment to provide the finest formulas with quality ingredients and responsible processing, eliminating any need for potentially toxic substances and empty fillers.

We firmly believe that, when used under the care of a competent health practitioner, our high quality supplements, of therapeutic potency and with environmentally-friendly packaging, offer us all the opportunity to heal. 

Our Promise

It is our pledge that the only 'Other Ingredient' you will  find in our products is TLC: the Tender Loving Care that goes into making the finest quality supplements that money can buy.