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About Us

The Problem

At Liberation Wellness, we've noticed that across America today, people are more interested than ever before in improving their Wellness. However, while we are taking more supplements than ever before, we are getting sicker, rather than better. Why is that? Our doctors and staff here at Liberation Wellness wanted to find out.


It turns out that not all supplements are very helpful. In fact, many even contain harmful substances.  In addition, supplements are often packaged in plastics that are toxic to people and polluting to our environment.

The Solution

While many supplements promise to fix just one thing, here at Liberation Wellness, we look at the whole person  or body complex, and we strive to address the fundamental needs of the entire human body. Containing zero fillers or harmful materials, our Restore ADEK goes to work at your most basic cellular foundation, activating your DNA to unleash your vitality from within.

Why Restore ADEK?

Your body deserves the very best!